With over 850 weddings produced over a 22 years, rest assured your wedding DVD or Hi-Def mpg4 file will be the utmost quality.  Covered with professional HD cameras and carefully edited to your liking, your wedding video will be a true representation of your special day.  Our courteous cameramen are pros with over 20 years experience.



Thumbs Up has recorded over 900 weddings during the past 28 years. We’re experts. You may select between one, two or three camera packages.

Options include a pre-produced montage of photos and special verbal messages to be played back either before the wedding or at the reception on a large projection screen.  An optional jib at the ceremony and the reception will get awesome shots above the dancing and festivities.  Also optional is a pre-day interview session at a special romantic location to be added to the DVD.  You may also add childhood photographs at the beginning of your DVD or add your honeymoon photos at the end to represent your life up to that point.
Our most popular selection is the “Director’s Cut” with two cameras and seven hours of on location shooting. (see below)
Call for a demo and talk to Bruce the owner.

What makes our wedding videos better than our competitors?  We use the latest digital Panasonic professional HD camcorders that are the high-end of video production.  The camera is the most important item in the video production that determines the quality and look of your final wedding video.  You will never see a better, sharper HD video than when you see your downloadable video file produced through Thumbs Up Video. We use creative editing techniques that bring the feeling of your special day to you again when watching your HD file.

We recommend you visit our studio for a complete explanation of our professional equipment and our shooting style. With over 28 years of experience videotaping weddings, you can be assured that Thumbs Up will make your wedding video a great “Thumbs Up” Production! Call us for a free, no-obligation demonstration viewing. If you are going to book your date with us, we will email you a contract. Then, use the forms below to print and select your music, end credits, and print the wedding videographers guide. Please fax or mail the forms to us. We accept all major credit cards

You may also customize your wedding package to your heart’s desire. Call and talk to Bruce for more information.

Wedding Prices:


Edited Ceremony Only                        700

One broadcast quality HD Sony camera.   Includes professional editing with your choice of music and closing credits . Up to two hours coverage and two free DVDs.


Take One                                              950

Four hours of coverage. Beautifully videotaped with an Sony HD low-light professional digital camcorder and edited with loving care with stereo sound. This package is great if you have a shorter ceremony and the reception is at the same location as the ceremony.   Titles and credits are included at the beginning and end of your video, with your choice of music throughout. Three DVDs and an mpg4 video file included.


Take Two                                              1200

This is a beautiful package for weddings and receptions with up to six hours coverage. One camera coverage, beautifully edited with special effects, animations, titles, credits, your choice of music, and an exciting closing 3 minute review at the end of your wedding video.  Four DVDs and an mpg4 video file included.


Director’s Take                                     1600

This is our most popular package. Eight hours coverage, two cameras, one assistant, recorded and edited in HD with digital effects, animations, titles, credits, closing video review, and music. Five DVDs and an mpg4 video file included.


Producer’s Take                                   2200

This beautiful unlimited time coverage package has two cameras, two cameramen, recorded and edited in HD with digital effects, animations, titles, music, and closing video recap. Six DVDs and an mpg4 video file included.


Executive’s Take                                   3200

Unlimited time coverage, a special engagement session, three cameramen, three cameras, recorded and edited in HD with digital effects, wedding animations, music, titles, childhood pictures, honeymoon pictures and closing recap. Eight DVDs and an mpg4 video file included.


Options and additions:  
Prebridal session at home (2 hrs. before ceremony) $150
Childhood Photograph Montage (24 pictures) $90 – Add $2 per picture after 24 pictures
Honeymoon Photograph Montage (16 pictures) $60 – Add $2 per picture after 16 pictures
Big Screen Projection at Wedding or Reception $200
Additional Unmanned Camera (includes extra editing) $250
Engagement Sitting on location on a different day than wedding (1hr) $300
Rehearsal Dinner videotaping and editing (2 hrs) $300
Extra Hour for edited packages $90
Break time (between ceremony & reception)` $45
DVD high-quality copies $20
25 mile limit (from Orange) add $35 (excluded in  Producers or Executive Take packages)
50 mile limit add $70  (excluded in Producers or Executive Take packages)

One camera at reception on all packages. 

Over 900 Weddings and 25 years experience – with pride!


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Still pictures to video projects

We’ve produced many family memories to DVD using nothing but photographs of your relatives. This production can be a very special gift to any family member. We suggest it for anniversaries, special birthday gifts, or as a Christmas present. There’s really nothing like showing 10 to 20 minutes of decades of memories from your family. The cost is a simple $50 setup, and $2 a photograph. You can also select your own music to match the photographs you have chosen.

Other Special Events

Have a special occasion you want remembered? Birthday?  Bar Mitzvah?  Anniversary????   Prices start at $250 for two hours of videotaping. $400 for four hours, $550 for six hours and $675 for 8 hours of taping. We can videotape using a “edited in camera” style, or videotape knowing that we will be editing in one of our edit bays. If it is the later, we edit in titles, music, and basically ‘clean-up’ the video to make a great presentation. Editing is $300 for most packages. We can also add still pictures and older videotapes or even old 8mm film into the video! You will receive a free DVD of your event. You may also want to order extra DVDs at $20 each.

Give us a call for a quote on other packages

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One camera packages starting at $1400.

Two camera packages start at $2500

Three camera packages start at $3600

Contact us at 714-394-6153 for more information.

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