Dance Performance Production

Thumbs Up Video has videotaped over 950 dance competitions and recitals. We have recorded small local recitals as well as the American Ballet Theater in New York. We can record with one, two, or even three cameras, depending on how many students the studio has. We always set up a video monitor at the recital so customers can see our work before they buy.  See the sample performance here:

Camera Gear: We use new 3-chip Sony digital widescreen 16×9 cameras (model DSR570) to videotape your performance. These cameras are very sharp, provide excellent color and are very good in low-light theater settings. They are NOT the pro-sumer cameras that other video companies use and are normally sued for high-end corporate events. Our cameras are the $9000 professional variety.

Two methods of taping your performance:

On speck: Most of our performance videotaping is done ‘on speck’ meaning you do not pay us for production costs. We come out and do the job free! However, we do request a minimum amount of DVDs purchased. Usually we need a minimum of 30 DVDs to book your recital. If your studio sells 30-70 DVDs the price is $40-45 for each DVD, with discounts for multiple shows or purchases. If you have a larger studio with over 300 students the price drops to $35 for each DVD. Our DVD’s are chaptered so you can go to each dance quickly.

Hired Hand: We can also work as a ‘hired hand’ for $1200 (one camera)  or $1600 (2-cameras) and make the DVD copies for you for $10 each. Or you can take the DVD master elsewhere and duplicate them yourself. It’s up to you
Another option for financing the DVD production is to include the price of one tape or DVD into your ‘recital fee’ or ‘costume fee’. This way, every family receives a tape or DVD of the performance. There is a bit more of work on your part, but the prices can go as low as $25.

Two Cameras: Our most popular taping package is a 2-camera shoot switched live and recorded onto high-quality digital DVCAM recording format. (over $40,000 worth of professional gear)  We record both cameras and do the switching between them LIVE, then record the program to a high-quality hard drive for lossless video quality.   With CD quality sound and sharp, bright pictures, your recital will look like it belongs on PBS!

Delivery:   We deliver the DVDs within 2-3 weeks of your recital, with all the names of the persons who purchased the DVDs on the DVD sleeves for easy distribution.   We have a great customer service policy – with all the DVDs guaranteed or your money back.

Your performance is important to you and to us. We edit the dancers names at the end of the video to each performer can see their name up in lights. We provide the order forms and do all of the collecting of payments.  If you like, you can collect all the video orders instead.

On request, we provide special “video montages” of stills and music before the performance with video projection, and also add this special segment at the beginning of the video.

Call Us:  Please call Bruce Gleason at 714-998-4004 if you’re interested in having a well-produced performance video.  His cell is 714-394-6153.

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