New Year’s Eve Swing Dance Classic

2013/2014     Watch the first big dance event for 2014.  Jay Byam, event director, always strives to satisfy your dance itch with great shows and a host of divisions for everyone. Many pros attend to entertain and supply many new cool moves for you to learn at the workshops.  There is a nightclub two step  and a country two step jack-n-jills division as well.

dvdCompetition DVD Set (all the final divisions of the weekend,  NYE Party is free on-line) $60

Workshop DVD with over 40 workshops: $50 (see below for instructors.  Does not include the intensive workshops)

Combo DVD Set – competitions and workshops are $100.
Please add $5 extra for international shipping (except Canada) HERE

livestreamStreaming:  This year the video streaming is only $20 for the entire weekend’s competition for one year (finals only).  All prelims are free!

(See the instructions on the streaming page aftr clicking the logo to the left.)


The Workshop DVD from this event is very popular with many teachers and is over two hours long.  Here’s a partial list of who will be on the workshop DVD:

Robert Royston   Nicola Royston    Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake   Jordan Frisbee   -Tatiana Mollmann-Bennett    Myles Munroe   & Tessa Cunningham Munroe     Ben Morris & Jennifer DeLuca   Chuck Brown    Courtney Adair & Sean McKeaver    Brandi Tobias,
Nick King.    Sonny Watson    Ben McHenry , Cameo Cross     Malia San Nicolas-   Stephen White    Eun Jin Lee & Jung Choe Korea    Mike & Amber Cross    Donnie Carl & Regina Shpigel     Bella Veramontes    Kara Franzel     Stephan White    Joshua Sturgeon     & Lindsy Nastos    Luis Crespo     Joe Tshirhart    Abi Leggette   & Stephane Schneider    Carlus & Josie Reed,    Rome Slater    Chevy Slater    Demetre Souliotes    John K Piper
Tony Schubert      Christopher Dumond, -Nicole Clonch    Hanna Clonch     Hugo Miguez
-Stacy Kay

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2012/2013 DVD sets:


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