WCS Streaming/DVD Combo Subscription

Our new subscription service provides you with all the On-Line streaming content for an entire year AND a competition DVD set of every west coast event we produce at about half the cost of a regular DVD set.  That’s more than one event per month coming to your doorstep.

This offer includes all of these events: Summer Hummer    Chicago Classic     USA Grand Nationals        Liberty      Swing Dance Classic       Desert City Swing       New Years Swing Dance Classic   Swinging New England    Mountain Magic      .  Watch for one year from the time each event takes place.

The subscription price is only $40 a month – half of what a DVD set usually is AND you can watch it On-Line LIVE and/or On-Demand (after the event has taken place) on our new high-quality steaming server.  Other subscription companies offer only the On-Line viewing.  This offer includes the DVD!

Subscribe by clicking the  Subscribe Now button.  The subscription commitment is for a six-month period.  Cancel anytime after six months.

Instructions to watch Live  or On-Demand:    After you have signed up on PayPal for the monthly recurring payment, we will send your username and password to you so  to watch the swing events LIVE or On-Demand.   After you have received your username and password, go to  thumbsupvideo.com, then the  competition page you want to watch.   Below is a sample of what the streaming playlist looks like when you first open it up.  You can see the different divisions in the lower right and what’s playing in the upper right.  Click Buy Video, then click the event in the Packages drop-down list.  Important:  Use the ‘CREDITS‘ to ‘PAY‘ for the streaming.  After using your credit, you might have to click on the LIVE VIDEO button, or any division button if the event is in the past.

You can  expand the video to fill the entire screen, pause, adjust volume, and scan to any area of the video you would like to see.


You can email us or call my cell is you have a problem  714-394-6153.  Bruce G. If you need your username and password right away, call and I’ll set it up asap.

Small print:
You will receive the DVDs and On-Line streaming for all events after the start of your subscription.  You may purchase past competitions which have already been completed at $40 per competition. You will also receive the DVD of this competition as well.  
Subscription does not include the video workshops.  If you would like to include the workshops to your subscription click HERE for the $60/mth subscription. 

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