Streaming Instructions & troubleshooting

Thank you for your purchase.  Keep in mind that if the hotel’s internet is slow, the result will be a lower quality stream.  But since you paid for the stream, you will be able to download each division after the event to receive full quality HD viewing. If you are having problems seeing the stream, start with these possible solutions:

What can you do if you have problems viewing the stream:
1.  Make sure you have at least 3m/sec download speed by testing your bandwidth at or any other speed test program.
2. Press the F5 button (PCs) to refresh your browser or use the refresh button on a mac. You might have to wait a few  seconds for the video to reload.  If you see the page where the event  logo is with a message and it seems not to load within 10 seconds, refresh the page.
3. Close the page for the stream and reload it again.
4. Change which browser you use.  If you are using the older Vista operating system, try using Safari, Chrome or Firefox as your browser.   There is a known issue using IE on Vista.
5. If all else fails, reboot your computer.
6. If you are having problems on an iphone or ipod, try using a laptop or desktop computer if possible.

If you have any problems I will do my best to help you.  Most problems are solvable. If you cannot view after troubleshooting I will be happy to refund you can wait and vire the uploadable files from each divisions 4 days after the event. My email is

Refunds:  I the stream is downright bad and you are not interested in the HD downloadable files, will refund you right away.

Tech Notes
We stream at 1500bits per seconds at 30 frames per second at 720p using the Newtek Tricaster system.

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