Streaming Instructions & troubleshooting

Thank you for your purchase. As of May of 2017 we have changed to a more reliable streaming provider for excellent quality HD video If you have problems seeing the stream, start with these suggestions:

Refresh your browser

If you have missed any division, you will be able to see them after the event Video-On-Demand Playlist by selecting the division in the playlist without having to pay again.  Each competition will have their own link to that competitions Playlist.

Speed Requirements:
You should have a 3meg/sec download speed.    Test your speed at for free

Do not hit the pause button during a LIVE event.  If you do you might have to refresh. Do not a Ustream, LiveStream or Youtube to  sign into.  We do not use those streaming companies.  You might have to refresh your browser occasionally as we need to turn off/turn on the stream to separate the division for the Video-On-Demand section.

Refunds:  I will refund you if you paid but later found out that you did not have the  required speed or receive inferior results, or paid twice.


What can you do if you have problems:
1.  Make sure you have at least 3m/sec download speed by testing your bandwidth at
2. Press the F5 button (PCs) to refresh your browser.  You might have to wait up to 10 seconds for the video to reload.
3. Close the video player window and open again from
4. Change which browser you use.  If you are using the Vista operating system, try using Safari, Chrome or Firefox as your browser.   There is a known issue using IE on Vista.
5. If all else fails, reboot your computer.
6. Avoid using the pause button when Live Streaming.

If you have any problems I will do my best to help you.  Most problems are solvable. If you cannot view after troubleshooting I will be happy to refund you or try and get the Video-On-Demand working for you after the event.  If you can’t see it live you most likely will be able to see the On-Demand playback in 2-3 days. My email is  My cell is 714 394 6153 but please do not call.  Text instead.

Bruce Gleason

 Tech Notes

We stream at 1024k/s at 30 frames/s using the Newtek Tricaster system.

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