Purchase Individual Routine – West Coast Swing competitions

digitaldownloadNote – This is for Swing Competition Events only.   If you are part of a dance recital company, go to the dance performances tab.

If you have performed in a swing event, we can send you your individual routine in Hi-Def through dropbox.com for only $30.

The usually are 25 – 70 megs big, so they must be downloaded through a Dropbox link.  Drombox.com is a free file-sharing company that makes it easy to share large files.   You can email your friends the link (not the file itself) so they can download it as well.  Most email programs cannot ‘attach’ files over 25 megs.

We recommend you having your own free dropbox so you can keep your video on Dropbox.  It will be there forever and is a good backup in case your hard drive fails you. We keep your link on our Dropbox for four months, so make sure and save the file (not the link) to a flash drive or multiple computers if you do not use your own Dropbox.

You can also use a simple DVD-making program (usually included in most computers) to make your own DVD.

Three ways to pay:

  1.  Through PayPal

Individual HD Download

You can use any credit card on PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account.  Make sure and include the event name, your division, the number you danced (if you remember) and your clothing costume in the ” Message to Seller” in PayPal.

  2.  Call or email to pay by credit card: 714 394 6153 /  sales@thumbsupvideo.com

  3. Pay by check.  Make sure and include the name of the date of the event, the event name, your division, and your clothing color.  Send your check to 9782 Santiago Blvd, Villa Park, CA  92867

The cost is $30 for each HD download.

This service is primarily for those who danced “spotlight style”  where only one couple dances at a time. We do not have multiple cameras to video individual dances during the “heats” where more than one couple dances.

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