Swing Dance America

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Glen Miller directs this growing event at the Lake Geneva Resort just outside Milwaukee. The event is well-run, with a good crowd even on Friday Night. This event is a mix of Hustle (30%) and West Coast Swing (70%) and includes a very entertaining and a bit goofy Invitational Cross-Over division on Sunday afternoon – If you haven’t seen shag some WCS pro dancers try their hand at Hustle, you have a few laughs in store for you!


2015 Competition – 2 DVD set  $70  (finals only)
2015 Workshop Notebook DVD  $45  (includes all of the WCS and hustle workshops)
2015 Combo DVD Set  $99 (save $$)
2015 Individual Routine of any dance to dropbox- $30


 streamWatch LIVE Streaming or On-Demand HERE (or click the logo)

Only $15 brings you all the finals (watch for a year) and prelims (for one month).  You’ll need at least 1.5 megs download speed to view.  Money back guarantee.   Shot in HD for stunning quality and digital sound.  Please follow the instruction on the streaming page.



2012 Competition – 2 DVD set  $80  (finals only)
2012 Workshop Notebook DVD  $45  (includes all of the WCS and hustle workshops – see below)
2012 Combo DVD Set  $115 (save $$)
2012 Individual Routine of any dance to dropbox- $30



Swing Dance America 2011

Also included in the 2011 DVD set was a new “Team Hustle” division where Hustle teams which have a novice, intermediate and pro couple dance with the same level couple from other teams. There was also “Dancing With The Stars” event where the pros were auctioned off to anyone who would like to dance with them, and the money raised goes to a charity for Haiti. Over $3000 was raised!

Tto make this event (and DVD set) even more entertaining, after the Champions Strictly, they held an impromptu Shag division!

Enjoy the 3-DVD set in the widescreen format. West Coast and Hustle divisions in Strictly Swing (Just Dance) and Jack & Jill formats including all Novice and Intermediate Finals, all Advance, All-Star and Pro Strictly prelims and finals and exhibitions are on this DVD set – over 5 hours of dancing! Price: $80

The workshop notebook video has all the instructors from the entire weekend. Price: $35.
The Workshop includes summary workshops from:
Alex Kim, Angel & Debbie Figueroa, Benji Schwimmer, Ben Hooten & Rebecca Ludwick, Barry Jones & Patty Vo, Brennar Goree & Torri Smith, Brent & Kellese Key, Billy Marti & Veronica Castilla, Danny McGee & Jameson Kilburn, Joe Kerner & Stephanie Risser
Kelvin Roche & Lori Ann Greenhouse, Kris Swearingen & Rebecca Ludwick
Luis Crespo, Michael & LeAnn Norris, Matt & Crystal Auclair, Mike Konkel & Sheli Schroeder, Nino DiGiulio & Dawn Lara, Robert & Nicola Royston,  Taletha Jouzdani, Terry Roseborough & Kara Przybyla, W. Mattocks & Lasonda Campbell

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