Swing Dance Classic / Dance Camp

Swing Dance Classic – DVDs and Live Streaming

This is one of the best swing parties for WCswing dancers during the summer in SoCal. Lots of pros and great competitions. If you know the event director Jay Byam then you know he puts on quite a popular event.



Enjoy watching the finals from each WCS Jack & Jill and WCS Strictlys as well as the other divisions which include some Nightclub 2-Step J&Js.  Also included in the DVD set are the prelims for the Champion J&Js and Strictlys.

  Competition DVD Set $75  (all the final divisions, shows and champion prelims)

Combo DVD Set (All the competitions and a two-hour Workshop DVD)   $110

Workshop DVD Notebook  $50 (reviews of all the workshops) The workshop DVD has over 42 workshop reviews – that’s over 2 hours of workshops form these great teachers:

        Ben Morris             Brandi Tobias       Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham       Maxence Martin          Stephanie McHenry        Ben McHenry       Michael Kielbasa         Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair      Nick Jay & Joanna Meinl       Michael Kielbasa        Mike & Amber Cross       Ben McHenry     Chris Jones     Francisco & Stacey Martinez     Wendy Miller   William Mattocks Ann& Lasonda Cambell        Luis Crespo    Jay Byam      Chuck Brown        Donnie Carl      & Regina Shpigel    Gary Jobst        Benny Corpos       Joe Tschirhart        Ken Minchin         Nick King       Dez Dipaola & Holly Martin        KARA Frenzel        John Kirkconnell & Alyssa Glanville
Please add $7 HERE for international orders (except Canada)


Watch the entire event for $15.  Watch finals for one year and all prelims for a month.   You’ll need at least a 1 meg/sec download speed.

See the Swing Dance Classic website and schedule here. The free prelims and semis will be available to view free for one month. See the PPV instructions/troubleshooting page HERE if you have any problems.  Refunds and/or credits to view other events are awarded if you are not happy with our new streaming service.   _____________________________________________________________

Swing Dance Classic/Summer Dance Camp Older DVDs:

Please contact us at sales@thumbsupvideo.com to order any older DVD sets. Prices are discounted for older sets.

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