Swing Dance Party

Jason and Sophie put on this fun, local event with mostly workshops all weekend long.  There is a Friday show, a ‘Pro Show’ on Saturday, but besides that it’s all social dancing till 5 in the morning.

Thumbs Up taped both shows and all the workshops in the main ballroom in the ‘review’ format , plus a short montage of the pool party.  All of this is on a high-quality DVD for only $55.  It will be a great DVd to add to you swing library.   Order the DVD HERE

You can see all the professional instructors on their website HERE.  The ‘Star’ instructors are Matt & Crystal Auclair, Jason & Annmarie Marker, Brian Barakauskas & Jessica Bryant, Cody and Tracey Melin, John Lindo, Mike Topel, Beata Howe, Maren Oslac, Danelle Jacoby and Jason Miklic.





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