Instructional DVDs

We have several DVDs available for you to learn west coast swing and improve your styling and patterns.

Event Workshop DVDs
Many of the competitions we tape have workshops which we record in the ‘Notebook” form (a 2-3 minute review of each workshop).  Although the detail of a full 1-hour workshop is not included, many of these DVDs have enough information for you to learn new steps and techniques.  See many of the workshop Notebook DVDs we offer at the Swing Events pages HERE.

To print out latest workshop cateloge, click HERE. 


Full-Length DVD Instruction:

Carrie Lucas Instructional Dance Videos
Carrie’s videos are simple to follow and easy to understand. Carefully edited by Bruce Gleason at Thumbs Up Video, these instructional DVDs include detailed slow motion to show you step-by-step each section and every angle. By far one of the most precise instructional videos produced. How much information is delivered through these DVDs will surprise you. Each DVD is $35.

West Coast Swing DVDs

WW100 Beginning / Intermediate
WW101 Intermediate / Advanced       WW104 The Expert DVD
WW105 Intermediate / Advanced 2         WW106 Ladies Styling and Syncopations 2         WW107 Mens Styling & Syncopations 2       WW108 Mens and Ladies Styling and Syncopations 3     WW109 Expert 2            WW110 Fourplay (a special pattern for four dancers)

Country Two-Step DVDs
WW401 Beginning / Intermediate WW402 Intermediate / Advanced
*Country Line Dances Volume 1
WW201 Tush Push, Electric Slide, Cowboy Boogie, Slapping Leather, Cowboy Cha-Cha

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Jerry Dawson Instructional DVDs

Beginning Level, West Coast Swing – The Basics of the Dance  $40        Jerry is one of southern California’s best instructors and has been dancing and teaching for many years. His DVD for beginners is over 2 hours long and has everything you need to learn the basics of the dance. Although Jerry’s DVDs are a bit more than the others listed here, he has more information you can use in real-life social dancing.

Intermediate Level –  $40    Expanding Your Vocabulary in West Coast Swing. Again over 2 hours of lessons and over 54 patterns, many with alternative steps. An excellent West Coast Swing DVD. Produced at our stage at Thumbs Up Video in Orange, CA.

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Jonathan & Sylvia’s Dance DVDs   $40
Jonathan & Sylvia has too many accolades to mention here, but the have performed and won many competitions around the world. Their DVDs were produced here at Thumbs Up Video and are an excellent teaching tool. Smooth Style Lindy has many West Coast Swing moves and is great for those who wish to dance Lindy but without the extreme physical demands that most Lindy styles have.

Beginning Smooth Style Lindy
Intermediate Smooth Style Lindy Vol. 1
Intermediate Smooth Style Lindy Vol. 2
Advanced Smooth Style Lindy
Beginning Balboa
Intermediate/Advanced Balboa
About the Balboa: Very fast, 8-count, partners basically glued together, all footwork. The Balboa was created in, and named for, the Balboa Park Club, an enormous wood-frame building, home of the Naval Officer’s Club in San Diego during WWII. The Balboa has lots of fast footwork but not much whole-body movement, and was developed as an answer to the question, “What do you dance when the band plays Dixieland jazz?”   Skippy Blair says that the Balboa is not a swing dance since it has no 6 count patterns, only 4’s and 8’s. All swing dances have a at least one or more 6 count patterns.   It is danced almost exclusively in closed dance position and closely resembles a dance the natives of 1930’s Chicago called the Shag”. The Balboa has an eight count basic but the rhythm pattern isn’t like traditional single swing’s “slow, slow, quick, quick”. “It looks like cartoon dancing, close together, with lots of footwork, although the feet hardly leave the floor. The upper body remains still and the dance doesn’t travel much around the room. You could dance to very fast music – 190 to 250 beats per minute!  At one time it was popular up and down the West coast, from Seattle to southern California.”

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Shim Sham Instructional DVD w/ Skippy Blair     $40 plus $5 shipping

This DVD shows simple step-by-step instruction on hoe to dance the Shim Sham, with six well-defined sections.  This line dance comes from the 40’s New York swing scene – it’s fairly complex, but this DVD makes it easy to learn!   ORDER HERE


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