West Coast Swing Events

Coming up:  

Desert City Swing in Phoenix, Sept 3, 4 and 5, 2021.  This event will be streamed live, but if the stream is down or of low quality due to hotel wifi issues, each division will be downloadable thru Dropbox with 30 minutes of concluding..

Watch the entire event for only $25 for one year.

To purchase, use Venmo to Bruce-Gleason  (please send us an email as well so we can send you the links), Paypal (sales@thumbsupvideo.com).  We also accept major credit cards.  Contact us at info@thumbsupvideo.com or text us at 714-394-6153.  After your purchase, we will send you both the Youtube LIVE link and the Dropbox link.   Please text or email for any questions.

Due to Youtube music copyright violation policy will usually result in shutting down the stream, we will be changing the URL at least once a day.   We will be updating your email with the latest link when it changes.

Sorry – no workshop recordings will be available.

Past DVD sets:

You can purchase past DVD sets for discounted prices from conventions we no longer record:    Chicago ClassicWild Wild Westie  Austin Swing, Summer Hummer, SwingCouver, Swing Dance America   Capital Swing, Magic Mountain, Phoenix 4th of July and Liberty Swing,

Recent past events:   Capital Swing page HERE.  Pay-Per-View is ready to watch!  Only $15 will give you one year’s worth of viewing for all the final divisions, Showcase, Classic and Rising Star.

Individual routines for all past events:  Do you have a routine performed at an event we recorded and want  a MPG4 video file which you can post it to Youtube,  send it to a friend or your Dropbox folder?  Click HERE and we’ll make the MPG4 file for $30.  Use Paypal to send us $30 at sales@thumbsupvideo.com.  (You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal)  Send us what event you danced in, the division you were in  and your costume color in the ‘message to seller’ in PayPal.


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