Holly Smokes!! What a great competition!  The Invitational division on Saturday was off-the-hook and very entertaining, while the Team division on Sunday brought the house down.

The Tri-state two-day competition is one which many swing dancers attend from around the country.  Many of them are hand-dancers from the Washington DC area.   This form of dance, compatible with other forms of swing has a style which is entertaining and unique.  Especially entertaining is the Trio division.

Divisions include: Pro Am (Heat and Solo), Slow Dancing, Invitational, Seasonally Chic, Ladies & Gents (Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced), Just Dance,Performing Arts Level 1 (Showcase & Classic) and Teams.

The DVDs are of very high quality and will last forever.  Enjoy watching these great performances!

All of Friday Night’s divisions                    $40
All of Saturday Night’s divisions                $50
Both days – all divisions                              $75             .

See Tristate’s website:

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